Top Reasons to Consider Volunteering in Refugee Camps

How much do you know about volunteer work or volunteerism? Nowadays, many seriously contemplate on signing up as volunteers for different humanitarian projects in various areas like refugee camps, foster homes, health care facilities, and the like. And a lot of them do sign up as volunteers to do work in different places around the world. Why do people sign up to do volunteer work in refugee camps? In case you sign up as a volunteer, what’s in it for you? Here are the top reasons for you to sign up as a volunteer at the soonest chance you get:


    • Help solve the nutritional problems of refugees – Refugees are people who have been displaced from their former habitat to a camp or settlement area due to different political and social reasons. Most refugees are financially challenged so they need outside assistance to help sustain their basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. You can help by directly feeding refugees or perhaps participate in fundraising programs that will go to nutrition programs for them.


    • Become a mentor to refugees – You can also help educate refugees, especially children, through volunteer teaching. Many refugee camps around the world need volunteer teachers to help refugees improve their level of education. You can help in teaching English to young kids or in showing adults some basic survival skills.


    • Help clean up the environment – Aside from interacting with refugees you may also sign up to help clean their residential area. Participate in a clean-up drive and help refugees clean up the streets where their camps are located or even show them how they can efficiently clean their individual camps.


    • Assist in the conceptualization of social activities – You may also volunteer to help in conceptualizing and executing social activities for the refugees like parties, talent shows, team building activities, and sports leagues. Activities like this may help ease the stress and trauma brought about by the unfortunate events that these refugees have experienced.


    • Serve the local church or religious center – Offer your services to the nearest church or religious center in the area so you can help residents uplift their spiritual lives. You can give catechism classes, organize church activities, clean up the venues for religious ceremonies, and more. Ask the official priest or pastor assigned in the area on how you can be of help.


    • Volunteer to help improve refugees’ economic status – Why don’t you sign up as one of the tutors or workers who can teach practical skills which may help refugees improve their economic status? Depending on your level of expertise, you can teach them about sewing, painting, carpentry, gardening, housework, and other basic entrepreneurial skills which could help them score a job in the near future.


Signing up as a volunteer for humanitarian work gives you a chance to provide social, educational, and nutritional assistance to people who need it the most. Once you do so, you are actively helping to make the world a better place to live in. There are many organizations that help willing volunteers locate a place where they can work for the common good like

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