Everything You Must Know When Planning a Trip to Kangaroo Island

When it comes to travel to Australia, you will have plenty of must-try destinations to choose from. But if you want to avoid the tourist trap, you can book an accommodation Kangaroo Island currently offers and stay on the island for a few days and nights. It is as beautiful as many other destinations in Australia but not as crowded as this remains as one of the hidden gems of South Australia.

Why Visit Kangaroo Island? 

Kangaroo Island is part of South Australia, which is a 30-minute plane ride from Adelaide (the state capital). It is one of the fastest growing tourist attractions in the state known for its brimming array of native animal species. In fact, some of these fauna species are endemic to the island and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The artisanal food scene in Kangaroo Island is another factor that draws tourists in. Meanwhile, the accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer is unmatched. Some of the world’s best hotels can be found on the island. But if you consider yourself a nature lover, you will be impressed by the rich collection of national parks and conservation areas within the island. This island is divided into 7 regions so it leaves you plenty of places to explore!

How to Get Here

If you are from mainland South Australia, you can take a ferry to the town of Penneshaw. The Kangaroo Island Sealink offers daily services so you can book a ferry ride any time you want. The ferry will depart from Cape Jervis (which you can travel to for 90 minutes from the city of Adelaide).

This island is quite large with a measurement of 155 kilometers by 55 kilometers in size. Thankfully, there are several tour operators who can offer you with free guided tours as part of the package. There are also several car rental companies on the island so you can drive to any point in the island as you like. Check Sea Dragon Lodge for more details.

Things to See or Do

There are plenty of things to see or do during your stay in Kangaroo Island. One of them is to explore the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, which can be found in Flinders Chase National Park. This wilderness trail talks you through the bushes for a 61-km adventure. It is ideal for nature lovers, but recommended only for advanced trail hikers.

For a family-friendly fun, go to the Seal Bay Conservation Park wherein you will get a chance to mingle and watch a colony of sea lions on the beach. Or, if you are a foodie explorer, indulge in the exquisite produce of the island, which is known as a gourmet destination. From cheese, wines, to fresh seafood, you will be in for a treat!

Where to Stay

Finding accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer is quite easy. You will have a plethora of options according to your budget. For travelers who are on a tight budget, you will find apartments and backpacker hostels that will allow you to stay a night for a cheap price. But if you want to indulge in the beauty of the island, you can pick an eco villa or a sea lodge for your accommodation. For that, you can visit Sea Dragon Lodge. They have various room options that will satisfy your need for luxury and adventure all in one place.

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