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Ideal Luxurious Accommodation Near Paragon

Situated behind a small tranquil park in Soi Ruamrudee near Paragon is a new hotel that offers visitor to Bangkok ultimate luxury combined with an equally quiet elegance. The Aeta hotel is definitely one of those modern hotels that still gives their guests on old world aura comfortable experience. From the moment one steps through the doors of this hotel near Paragon, you will feel like your entire world has come to a standstill.

hotel near Paragon

The bedrooms are set out to give everyone space while still creating a cosy intimate feeling; clever designs and perfect views come together in absolute brilliant union. Even though one is only a hop and skip away from the shopping hub of Bangkok; it will seem like you are on an island far away from civilization and any noise. Add the phenomenal restaurants with their exotic Thai menus to the gorgeous variety of hotel suites and you will certainly feel like you have found heaven on earth.

Finding any hotel near Paragon that offers the convenience of being centrally located while offering a peaceful noise free environment may seem almost impossible to find; but this is definitely one of the key elements that the new Aeta hotel was designed around. Plus, their focus on excellence in every aspect, from the unique modern furnishing to the ingenious way that one’s food is arranged on a plate, all add to the overall uniqueness of this superior hotel.

Even the fussiest person will truly have to look long and hard to find fault with the layout or service found in this new hotel. For a little insight into what makes this hotel near Paragon a must see, go onto their extensive website and there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is the hotel to be seen at.

Of course any Bangkok hotel will not be complete without all the extra amenities that focus on distressing tourists to the city. Therefore, guests will be able to take some much needed time off having a relaxing spa treatment or two. In fact, booking an entire spa package may be just what the doctor orders for those businessmen who have forgotten how to relax.

Geared at catering for both holiday tourists; shoppers and businesses, the conference facilities and hotel amenities ensure that one is able to keep in touch with the latest technology. Guests who are health fanatics can stay in shape in a state of the art gym facility that has been set around effortlessly keeping one’s body in shape.

Of course, the fact that healthy cuisine is on offer at the onsite restaurant, makes staying slim and in shape even easier. For those who are travelling with as a family will be able to stretch out and truly feel at home in one of the many family suites that cater for the whole family’s needs. Flat screen TVs, child minding services and activities make it an upper class hotel that appeals to people from all walks of life.

Top 3 Things to Enjoy When Visiting Myall Lakes

New South Wales is the home of National Parks and stunning locations like Myall Lakes. It has activities for everybody who wishes to experience a one of a kind hospitality. With the lots of things you can attempt in Myall Lakes, you will absolutely enjoy your stay. Whether you prepare to stay for a couple of days or simply for a night, you can discover quality and budget friendly accommodation Myall Lakes has to offer.

Located at the North of Sydney, Myall Lakes National Park is a terrific location for backpackers, travelers, and hikers wishing to maximize their journey. With lots of wildlife you will come across in the location, you will certainly wish to return for more. You can quickly discover an economical accommodation Myall Lakes offers for tourists. Just book ahead of time to have the best spaces with amazing views.

Below are leading activities you can enjoy while remaining in Myall Lakes:

1. Have a good time in the water – If you enjoy diving, you can go to Boughton Island. It is the home of a wide variety of fish and a terrific location to dive. Boughton Island is your finest bet if you desire a location that provides excellent personal privacy. It is an uninhabited island and the other animals you will see are muttonbirds and adorable little penguins. You can employ charter boats to take you back and forth. Seal Rocks is a terrific area if you desire to lounge by the coast while taking a break from surfing. You can also delight in rock pools and sink your toes in the sand. If you desire to witness a magnificent view of the ocean, you can even take a walk to the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.

2. Dine and unwind – After a day of frolicking at the beach and going after the surfs, satisfy your yearnings with a delicious menu. You can dine and unwind at the numerous dining establishments and coffee shops that surround the location. You can even bring your very own food and have a picnic with you and your buddies. They have great deals of picnic premises such as Tamboi picnic location, Pipers Creek, O’Sullivan’s Gap, Northern Broadwater, Hole in the Wall, Heart’s Point, Grandis, Black Oaks and lots of others. They also have plenty of outdoor camping premises offered but if you desire a more comfy stay, it is best to reserve a Myall Lakes accommodation today.

3. Perfect for Summer Getaways – Because the lakes are generally fresh water, it is exceptional for family summer activities. You can remain on the coast or from rental boats. Considering that it is a National Park, the services might be restricted so you need to bring exactly what you require. Visit during summer time since this is when the wildlife is plentiful. Summertime would also be an ideal time to invest with friends and family as you travel the river or go kayaking. You can take your motorhomes with you and remain at camping sites or book a budget-friendly accommodation in Myall Lakes.

These are the leading reasons you ought to go to Myall Lakes soon. You will not just get to experience New South Wales from the various viewpoint, you will also feel rejuvenated by the calming impacts of the water and from nature itself.

Never ever miss out on a chance to check out and take a trip Myall Lakes. Go to for more details if you desire to find accommodation Myall Lakes has for group trips or solo backpackers.

Discount Hotels in Bangkok Are Visitors’ First Choice

Attractions of Bangkok are irresistible. There may be hardly any globetrotters who have not stepped into this beautiful city of Thailand. There is no shortage of luxurious hotels in this city. Luxury, lavishness, and aristocracy are in the air of Bangkok. However, too few people in this world have the capacity to enjoy lavish and ultra-modern facilities of luxury hotels in Bangkok. There are numerous other visitors in this city who cannot indulge in such ultra modern facilities, yet they want to visit and enjoy the city. Fortunately, there are a few popular discount hotels in Bangkok, which take care of visitors who are looking for less-expensive hotels in and around the city. The options for a discount hotelBangkok market has today are not only a favorite choice among tourists but also an example of ultimate professionalism where tourists like to stay over and over again.

The Concept of Discount Hotel

Discount hotels don’t mean ugly looking building, dirty floors, less water in bathrooms, no room services and everything negative. On the contrary, discount hotels In Bangkok can change a visitor’s notion about discount hotels. The best discount hotel Bangkok offers today has an awesome architectural construction with all modern amenities. Nobody can say that a discount hotel in Bangkok has cut short normal requirements or special facilities. The management of these hotels has lowered the prices for the following reasons:

  • To get more customers in their hotels.
  • To popularize tourism in Bangkok.

On the other hand, facilities offered are just comparable with any high-priced hotel in Bangkok. This is their good management that has enabled these hotels to cut down prices in different aspects.

Special Facilities in Discount Hotels

Apart from normal facilities provided by all hotels in Bangkok, these discount hotels have some special facilities:

  • Pick up and drop facility is available for all visitors staying in these hotels. Apart from Airport, such facility is also available from and to the railway station too.
  • For health-conscious guests, a gym with all modern appliances is provided, which is absolutely free of cost.
  • 24 hours free internet accessibility for all guests.
  • Discounts on foods and beverages are offered time to time. In some cases, discounts are always given on ordering certain quantity or dishes.
  • Free laundry for every guest with laundry support staff.

Apart from these normal facilities, there are some paid facilities offered on the demand of a visitor. In any famous discount hotel Bangkok has to offer, cars are provided with chauffeur for a city visit and sightseeing. They also have a medical assistant who can assist in an emergency. There is also special support for children and elderly tourists, etc., but all are a part of paid services.

Reasons Behind their Popularity

Anybody, who stays for some days in these discount hotels, likes to return. They speak about their experience at the hotel, the facilities and above all the staff, which is highly professional. Here are a few reasons why have become so popular:

  • Everything is managed by professional staff. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. A personal touch in every activity by the staff is the primary reason behind their popularity.
  • Apart from discounted room rates, they provide numerous other services without charging a single baht, for which guests feel extremely happy.
  • Online booking facility is very well-managed. Booking sites are very concise yet facilities and rules are clearly explained to travelers.

Chinese Restaurants in Pattaya – A Cuisine Everyone Loves

Pattaya is a famous tourist destination in Thailand and attracts millions of people from all over the world, throughout the year. Apart from the many attractions that the tourists look for and enjoy, the food is an important aspect people enjoy in Pattaya and keep coming back for more. Among the different types of food that people enjoy here in this beach resort town, there is a preference for Chinese food. If you are headed to Patttaya in the near future and would be keen on trying a Chinese restaurant Pattaya based, just read on.


Many Forms of Chinese Food

The general refrain among the foodies is that there are many varieties to what is popularly believed to be Chinese food. It is only an avid traveler, with a keen sense of enjoying food, who would be able to clearly distinguish between the authentic Chinese cuisine and any other food, which is offered as Chinese food, but might not strictly fall in that category.

However, in Pattaya, you can expect some very good Chinese restaurants offering the whole range of dishes that have made this a popular choice of food. From the humble noodle to the live preparation of seafood delicacies, there will be no end to the mouth-watering experience you can expect to enjoy in a Chinese restaurant Pattaya based.

The Ambience is Also Equally Critical

Many people look for the right place to have food. To start with, you would want the place to be very quiet. Too noisy an environment might be a huge distraction and the purpose of visiting a good restaurant to eat and enjoy tasty food would be lost. Besides, the setting and layout of the food outlet should be pleasant as well. Then once you enter the Chinese restaurant, would you be willing to wait to get a seat? Well, no, as you are there to enjoy a relaxed holiday, and the last thing on your mind would be waiting in a restaurant to be seated to order and have your dinner or lunch. To save the trouble of waiting, you can make an advance reservation in a restaurant of your choice. Lastly, besides the food being of good quality, you would want the staff in the restaurant to be polite, nice and hospitable. The Chinese restaurant Pattayastaff should be willing to help you with suggestions on what is the best dish of the day.

Variety of Dishes Also Counts

When you have chosen to stay in Pattaya for a few days and wish to visit a particular Chinese restaurant regularly, you would want the restaurant to serve different dishes every day. So your selection of the food outlet should be based on the range of dishes you can order and taste, instead of consuming the same dish every day. If you even take seafood, you can order a fish delicacy one day and a crab or a prawn dish the next. There are specialized restaurants within hotels such as the Ming Xing Restaurant in the Cape Dara Hotel in Pattaya. You should go through the reviews from tourists who have enjoyed the food here and then make your choice.

Rent Holiday Homes in Caloundra – Enjoy With Your Whole Family

A calendar to signify the 50 years since the name ‘Sunshine Coast’ was coined has just been launched. This 2017 calendar features photographs from the 1960s and 70s and these photographs have been chosen from hundreds of photographs submitted by the public through a competition. The report goes on to mention that more such calendars could be released to mark the 50 years of Sunshine Coast, which is the northern cousin of the famous Gold Coast. Not only that, it is one of the top holiday destinations on the Eastern coast of Australia. If you are seriously considering spending your next holiday in the region, you could rent holiday homes Caloundra has to offer and make your holiday special.

Impressive Range of Accommodation

Once you have reached a consensus among yourselves that it is the Sunshine Coast you are headed for, look for the attractive sunshine coast holiday specials on offer and then book one of them. But here’s where you will be quite swept off your feet on the choices being presented. Sunshine Coast itself comprises many locations to pick from. If you are a regular, you may wish to visit alternate locations each year. Then you need to pick the type of accommodation, whether you are looking for an apartment or a house. The next set of choices while searching for Sunshine Coast holiday deals include the number of beds you will need, the number of bathrooms you prefer and if you need parking and so on.

Select the Facilities

The advantage in making a booking in advance and that too online is that you can pick and choose the kind of facilities in the rental accommodation on the Sunshine Coast. The list is pretty long; water or beach front, air conditioning, swimming pool, Wi-Fi provision and pets being allowed and so on. As you tick on these boxes and click on select, the options under Sunshine Coast holiday rentals will be thrown up. From here on your budget and other considerations can take you to your ultimate choice and you can then finalize the place and pay and confirm the booking.

Caloundra has its Charms

Caloundra is a destination on the Sunshine Coast every tourist would love to include in his/her list. The place is full of beaches which allow you and your family to go kayaking and surfing. If you are an avid angler, go fishing and if you love adventure, it is possible to do jet skiing as well. People rent holiday homes Caloundra wide at very reasonable costs and enjoy every moment of the time they spend there.

Something for Everyone in the Family

There are many more attractions when you decide on one of those rent holiday homes Caloundra offers and reach there to spend your holidays with your family. There’s practically something for each member of the family. One can just enjoy a nice walk on the beach which stretches quite long. There are water parks and fun activities for the children. There are heritage sites one can visit and also the nature parks and zoo which will ensure that you are never out of fun during your holiday to the Sunshine Coast. Check out

Spending a holiday with the family in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast could stay in your memory for long. Make the best of it by choosing the ideal accommodation and you can even make advance bookings on the Internet (check : Read more at Henzells

Things to Do During Your Volun-Tourism in Cambodia

What is your idea of a quintessential South East Asian travel? Most probably, there’d be some monsoon rains, rice fields, elephants and sacred Buddhist temples and statues. That is the mass-media image that we have of this destination. But it is much deeper than that. Through new volunteering programs that combine great touristic experiences with volunteer opportunities, or “volun-tourism”, you can get a chance to understand these cultures at a deeper level while making a difference in their communities.

Heading on Volun-Tourism in SE Asia

Through “volun-tourism”, you can discover some of the most iconic South East Asian attractions while doing something that will make a huge difference in the communities that you visit. With the Bamboo travel in Cambodia services, you now have your true ethical volun-tourism partner to make your travels successful and worthwhile.

Making a Difference in a Country Emerging from a Humbling Past

Our image of Cambodia is still tainted with the bloody Khmer Rouge atrocities but there is more to this country than the troubles of the past. The immensity of the beauty and the warmth in Cambodia is simply unfathomable. You can discover this hidden beauty with the Bamboo travel in Cambodia services.

Cambodia is the country of some of the most stunning temples in South East Asia, endless white beaches and the most delicious South East Asian cuisines. Work with a great local partner to help you explore all this beauty while you discover how to share in it momentarily through your charity work.

With Bamboo travel in Cambodia services, this is exactly what you will get. Here is a list of some must-dos if you are planning to “volun-tour” in Cambodia:

Visit the Angkor Wat

No visit to Cambodia is ever complete without a sightseeing tour to the very magnificent Angkor Wat temple. This temple complex was built in the 12th century. Over the years, it has acquired an iconic stature as a centre of Cambodian culture. Some of its most enchanting glimpses can be had during the sunrises and sunsets. The architecture of the Angkor Wat is truly stunning and is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Get on a Bamboo Train

Ever rode on a Bamboo train? Well this is another Cambodian experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. This is one of the most unique train ride experiences in the world and will take you from the O Dambong all the way to the O Sra Lav. The clacking and clicking of the journey will take you past a jungle rail but the bamboo-made train is the most unique aspect of this ride. If another train is approaching from the other direction, your bamboo train will simply be disassembled to make way for the other train before you continue with the journey. It is quite a mindboggling experience!

The Tuol Sleng Museum

Visiting this museum will certainly be a sobering experience during your volun-tourism in Cambodia. If Khmer Rouge comes to your mind whenever you think of Cambodia, then this is the place to learn about its excesses.

Take a Cruise on the Mekong River

Much of the geography of this country is dominated by the mighty Mekong. The river has its sets of attractions and a welcome relief if you are tired of the cramped up public transport services in Cambodia.

About Bamboo Volunteer Abroad Thailand and Cambodia Services

Bamboo travel in Cambodia services can offer you numerous and excellent volun-tourism opportunities which will help you explore the best that this country has to offer really up-close. The ethical tourism company also serves Laos, Nepal and Thailand.

The Bamboo volunteer company in Thailand will offer you great volunteering and tourism opportunities that are well tailored to your unique travel needs and with excellent support services for the duration of your travel. Programs range from agriculture to ecotourism, conservation, education, animal welfare and community development amongst others.

Check out to learn more about the Bamboo Thailand volunteer travel services also serving Cambodia and book your next trip to the South East Asian paradise.

Everything You Must Know When Planning a Trip to Kangaroo Island

When it comes to travel to Australia, you will have plenty of must-try destinations to choose from. But if you want to avoid the tourist trap, you can book an accommodation Kangaroo Island currently offers and stay on the island for a few days and nights. It is as beautiful as many other destinations in Australia but not as crowded as this remains as one of the hidden gems of South Australia.

Why Visit Kangaroo Island? 

Kangaroo Island is part of South Australia, which is a 30-minute plane ride from Adelaide (the state capital). It is one of the fastest growing tourist attractions in the state known for its brimming array of native animal species. In fact, some of these fauna species are endemic to the island and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The artisanal food scene in Kangaroo Island is another factor that draws tourists in. Meanwhile, the accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer is unmatched. Some of the world’s best hotels can be found on the island. But if you consider yourself a nature lover, you will be impressed by the rich collection of national parks and conservation areas within the island. This island is divided into 7 regions so it leaves you plenty of places to explore!

How to Get Here

If you are from mainland South Australia, you can take a ferry to the town of Penneshaw. The Kangaroo Island Sealink offers daily services so you can book a ferry ride any time you want. The ferry will depart from Cape Jervis (which you can travel to for 90 minutes from the city of Adelaide).

This island is quite large with a measurement of 155 kilometers by 55 kilometers in size. Thankfully, there are several tour operators who can offer you with free guided tours as part of the package. There are also several car rental companies on the island so you can drive to any point in the island as you like. Check Sea Dragon Lodge for more details.

Things to See or Do

There are plenty of things to see or do during your stay in Kangaroo Island. One of them is to explore the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, which can be found in Flinders Chase National Park. This wilderness trail talks you through the bushes for a 61-km adventure. It is ideal for nature lovers, but recommended only for advanced trail hikers.

For a family-friendly fun, go to the Seal Bay Conservation Park wherein you will get a chance to mingle and watch a colony of sea lions on the beach. Or, if you are a foodie explorer, indulge in the exquisite produce of the island, which is known as a gourmet destination. From cheese, wines, to fresh seafood, you will be in for a treat!

Where to Stay

Finding accommodation Kangaroo Island has to offer is quite easy. You will have a plethora of options according to your budget. For travelers who are on a tight budget, you will find apartments and backpacker hostels that will allow you to stay a night for a cheap price. But if you want to indulge in the beauty of the island, you can pick an eco villa or a sea lodge for your accommodation. For that, you can visit Sea Dragon Lodge. They have various room options that will satisfy your need for luxury and adventure all in one place.

Top Reasons to Consider Volunteering in Refugee Camps

How much do you know about volunteer work or volunteerism? Nowadays, many seriously contemplate on signing up as volunteers for different humanitarian projects in various areas like refugee camps, foster homes, health care facilities, and the like. And a lot of them do sign up as volunteers to do work in different places around the world. Why do people sign up to do volunteer work in refugee camps? In case you sign up as a volunteer, what’s in it for you? Here are the top reasons for you to sign up as a volunteer at the soonest chance you get:

    • Help solve the nutritional problems of refugees – Refugees are people who have been displaced from their former habitat to a camp or settlement area due to different political and social reasons. Most refugees are financially challenged so they need outside assistance to help sustain their basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. You can help by directly feeding refugees or perhaps participate in fundraising programs that will go to nutrition programs for them.
      • Become a mentor to refugees – You can also help educate refugees, especially children, through volunteer teaching. Many refugee camps around the world need volunteer teachers to help refugees improve their level of education. You can help in teaching English to young kids or in showing adults some basic survival skills.
        • Help clean up the environment – Aside from interacting with refugees you may also sign up to help clean their residential area. Participate in a clean-up drive and help refugees clean up the streets where their camps are located or even show them how they can efficiently clean their individual camps.
          • Assist in the conceptualization of social activities – You may also volunteer to help in conceptualizing and executing social activities for the refugees like parties, talent shows, team building activities, and sports leagues. Activities like this may help ease the stress and trauma brought about by the unfortunate events that these refugees have experienced.
            • Serve the local church or religious center – Offer your services to the nearest church or religious center in the area so you can help residents uplift their spiritual lives. You can give catechism classes, organize church activities, clean up the venues for religious ceremonies, and more. Ask the official priest or pastor assigned in the area on how you can be of help.
              • Volunteer to help improve refugees’ economic status – Why don’t you sign up as one of the tutors or workers who can teach practical skills which may help refugees improve their economic status? Depending on your level of expertise, you can teach them about sewing, painting, carpentry, gardening, housework, and other basic entrepreneurial skills which could help them score a job in the near future.

              Signing up as a volunteer for humanitarian work gives you a chance to provide social, educational, and nutritional assistance to people who need it the most. Once you do so, you are actively helping to make the world a better place to live in. There are many organizations that help willing volunteers locate a place where they can work for the common good like